Create and Export a Certificate

To create the certificate and export it there are many steps that must be followed strictly. We've taken a screenshot of each view to make the first time easier.

Apple Developer Portal

You need to be a registered Apple iOS Developer and pay 99$/year, so if you are not, you can experiment using one of the Passdock certificate.

Go to and choose iOS Dev Center.

Login with your credentials and after that choose in the upper right corner the iOS Provisioning Portal.


In the left bar choose Pass Type IDs and then New Pass Type ID.


Choose a description and an identifier like com.YOUR_COMPANY.TEMPLATE.


Submit and look in the list for the newly created identifier. Click on the Configure button.


The process to generate a certificate will start, click Continue.


Now locate on your Mac the Applications folder and inside it the Utilities one. Then double click on the Keychain Access app.


Choose the main menu Keychain Access > Certificate Assistant > Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authority...


A new view will appear, fill the User Email Address
and Common Name. I suggest that you use your Apple ID's email and the description you used on Apple's portal.

Check Save to disk and click Continue.


Choose a desired path where the file will be saved (Desktop for example).


Switch back to the Browser and select the newly created Certificate Signing Request.


Click on Generate.


Wait few seconds until the process is completed.


Click Continue.


Download the certificate.


Certificate has been created successfully, you can close the browser.


Locate the downloaded pass.cer file and double click on it.


Keychain Access will open and if you select the login Keychain and the Certificates Category, you'll find the certificate with a prefix of Pass Type ID followed buy the identifier you chosed.

Click on the little gray triangle to expand the certificate and unveil the private key.

Select both the certificate and the private key.


Choose the menu File > Export Items…


Choose a location and a file name.

Choose File Format Personal information Exchange (.p12) and click Save.


Insert a password and verify it.


Now you'll be asked to insert the Password of your current account on your Mac.

Click Allow or Always Allow.


Now we have the Certificate called Passdock Tutorial.p12 (in this example), the Certificate Signing Request and the pass.cer. You can safely delete the last two.

What you need to upload on Passdock is the .p12 file.


Be sure to choose the Advanced mode and create a new Template.


In the left column there is a Certificate menu, choose the Real pill.

Click on Choose File button and select the .p12 file.


Insert you certificate password in the field below.


It has been a long run but it's done!

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